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The Right Lighting

Do you like the lighting in your home or workplace?

  • Are there rooms where the light is too bright or maybe it is too dim.
  • Do you struggle doing fine or detailed work in some rooms because of lack of light.
  • Have you got beautiful artwork on your walls but the lighting is wrong and does them no justice.
  • Do you have lights that are too yellow or warm and they throw the wrong tones into the room.
  • Do you do work where you must see colour clearly – Like graphics or hairdressing.
  • Is lack of light causing a trip hazard in certain parts of your home – Around stairs or uneven walk ways.
pendant lights

It Is Frustration Not Having The Right Lighting For Your Needs .

Lighting instantly creates a mood.
Think about how different lighting makes you feel.

Natural light or sunshine is naturally uplifting and is a mood enhancer
Dull light over time can lead people to experience low moods.

And the same can happen when we are lighting our homes.
The right lights in the right places will make us feel different moods and help us to enjoy and use the space for our needs.
Some homes are naturally dark and it can be a challenge to make a home like this feel light without it feeling too stark or artificial and get the perfect lighting balance

Bright lighting will make us feel alert and productive. This lighting is perfect when we are working.
In areas where we go to relax then mood lighting will help us to relax and unwind and this is perfect in living rooms and bedrooms.

How we light our homes can be the defining characteristic of making your home amazing to look at, and to live in.

Choose Beautiful Light Fittings

Don’t fill your ceiling with recessed down lights.
Australian homes have embraced the sleek minimalist look of rows and rows of these recessed fixtures.
Not only do they do nothing for a rooms atmosphere – they are limited in what light tones you can choose and the narrow light span creates unflattering shadows.
Have you ever seen a photo of where you are standing under a down light – They create the most unflattering shadows on a face.
Pendant lights look amazing and give light source to an area that needs it.
Pendants provide perfect direct light to a meals area,
Wall sconces are not dated – They make sure that all corners of a room are illuminated evenly and if you have high ceilings and detailed cornice work, they are a must!

Transform A Room

The right lighting choices can transform a room.
Before you go an call an electrician to install a few more lights – Please take your time and plan for what you need.
You must use an electrician to install any lighting that you want, but electricians are not designers or skilled at planning lighting for what you need and how you will use it.
Why spend hours choosing paint colours or carpet choices when the lights you choose do nothing for the decor you have chosen
If you really value how you want your home or workplace lit – hire a professional lighting designer.
They are lighting experts and their primary objective is to create the perfect lighting plan for what you need in your home.

Choosing the right light in your home , regardless of interior design style or architecture is really important.
Whether your home is:

  • Heritage listed
  • Modern and architecturally designed
  • Off-the grid cabin
  • DIY owner builder
  • A sleek apartment
  • French provincial or any other style you can imagine,

How you light it will help decide how much you love the house and the rooms. No matter what style you are building, light is so important to creating a home you will enjoy every day.

The Different Types of Lighting – Ambient, Task & Accent Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides enough general illumination for a space.
The light is appropriate for activities such as meal areas, bedrooms or television viewing. 
Most rooms in homes are small enough so that one or two light fixtures will provide adequate ambient light. Extra light can be added with a lamp in the right area. You can also change the wattage of a globe to increase the amount of illumination and you can also choose a lower wattage if you want to soften the light.

Accent lighting 

Accent lighting provides a specific focus on a point of interest. 
Think about when we go to an art gallery where lights are positioned above paintings on a wall.
The aim of accent lighting is to draw the eye to a certain focal point.
In a home accent lighting is usually used:
At a homes entrance way
Over paintings or artwork
To highlight a feature wall or architectural design detail
In the garden around a swimming pool
In the garden to light up statement trees and plants.

Accent lighting builds atmosphere and mood and this can be further enhanced by using coloured lights especially outside to make a dramatic showpiece To be effective,it should give the focal point about three times more illumination than the rooms ambient lighting.

Task Lighting

It can be similar to accent lighting.
A room may have sufficient ambient lighting for most tasks but at times if fine detail work is being done, like needle work, extra light is needed over where the work is being done.
This also happens in the kitchen when preparing food. When using knives you need a safe work area with great lighting.
In the bathroom when applying make-up, you need a light that shines onto you face so you can work without shadows.
If you spend time in the garage working, bright clear light is needed when working with power tools
Often an extra table lamps or floor lamps can be positioned in the area where you do this work and you can turn it on when you need it and off when you have finished.

The Right Electrician For The Work

When you are getting task lighting planned – think about all the activities that you do in each room and be sure to mention it
Installing a strip light over the bathroom mirror can make a bathroom look very sleek and stylish while giving you the practical lighting that you need,
In a the kitchen under cabinet lights can give you clear light to work in and at night time you can leave this on and turn of the main kitchen light and it can create a focal point in the kitchen as well.

When you have your lighting plan completed. Make sure that you use an experienced electrician who will ensure that the work is done accurately and to plan and to budget.
Give our Brisbane electricians a call to book in your work,

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