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We need power constantly for our everyday activities. The list of things that we use that requires to be charged is constantly increasing. The modern home now needs even more power points and USB charger outlets in every room.

Who else is finding that every available power point has multiple items charging or plugged in? With the extra appliances we use, it is vital that we also look after the homes safety and efficiency.

Simple upgrades to your switchboard can save a life or prevent a fire.

Newer style smoke detectors are a must for all homes and are often a legal requirement.

Call us if you would like to know what the laws are. 

The residential electrical work of Brissy Electricians is the level of quality that you should be striving for, completing any electrical task that you have and delivering it for a good price and with personal service.

Master Electrician

We are a team that is comprised of professional and licensed electricians,For even the most difficult of needs that you have, you can count on us to be able to solve it . Whatever the problem, we will be there to provide the right electrical solution for your

Power Point Installation

If you are looking to make some electrical upgrades to your home, you may want to consider the installation of new power points. The small update could make a noticeable impact on the way that you use your residential space.

For example, by simply installing additional outlets in the kitchen, you will realise that you can meal prep more easily using more of your appliances in the locations that suit your kitchen layout. Why not have power points installed where you actually need them to be. When you employ our power point installation service, you guarantee yourself the latest technology and therefore the safest and best performing equipment and we can show you different styles that will suit your home or personal tastes.

Smoke Alarm Installation

House fires are a real concern within the state of Queensland. The very nature of this is directly threatening to so many residents in the Brisbane, Southside and Redlands area.

We care greatly for the safety of our community and so we do our best to play our small part. If you are in need of smoke alarm installation, making use of the most modern technology, there is no one else you should be calling.

We will gladly install a fire safety alarm in your home, testing and ensuring that it meets regulations and our own additional quality and safety guidelines. There is no room for this sort of task to be sacrificed and so we offer competitive pricing for our comprehensive service.

Test and Tag Service 

Brissy Electricians also offer a test and tag service for the routine checking and safety of portable electronic appliances and devices. It is a multi-step process that identifies whether or not a device is safe to use.

Firstly we conduct a visual inspection, to look for any obvious external damage. Following this, we will test your appliance with our portable appliance testing device to determine whether there is a good quality flow of current through the device and circuit. We are legally certified to test and approve the safety of your devices and can offer this necessary service at a reasonable price.

All Electrical Services Work Is Done By Our Qualified Team Of Electricians

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