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We are Redland Bay best electrical team with highly qualified and trained electrical contractors. We are all skilled and experienced in all electrical installations and repair work. We cover all of Brisbane Metro, Brisbane Southside and the Redlands area. If you are looking for a trustworthy team of electricians in Brisbane, who consistently produce the top standards in workmanship and deliver on time and to your budget - Then we are the Brisbane electricians for you!

If something goes wrong with an electrical component, it is important that the electrical repair or maintenance work is done promptly, done to the highest standards and of course priced competitively.Brissy Electricians ensures this is the case as we only employ the very best electrical contractors who are highly skilled and great at their jobs.We have the best electricians available and they are ready to help you with the required electrical work that you may need.

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Master Electricians Who Can Do It All

Master Electricians Who Can Do It All.

Our electrical team cover the residential and commercial sectors and we excel at finding the solutions for your electrical issues. We apply our personal care to every job that we do, We take pride in the work that we do and we pride ourselves that we do a great job on all electrical work.

Whether it is a smaller job, like a single 

photoelectric smoke alarm installed in a rental property.

Or maybe you require a complete electrical switchboard upgrade to install the latest safety switches and your house rewired.

No matter what it is that you need - We are the team of qualified electricians to call on. You can count on our high standards to deliver on the needs and expectations that you have.

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Domestic Contractors in Redland Bay

Running our household appliances, heating and cooling, switching the lighting or simply charging our phones through USB outlets or power points; there are countless ways that we use electricity at home. It has become vital that we have reliable appliances and safe electrical wiring in our houses. The risk of electrical fires is increasing and so the need for a reliable and expert electrical contractor has never been greater.

If you are looking for an electrician who exceeds the typical standards of electrical installation, servicing and repairs - Then Brissy Electricians should be your first port of call. ​Click here to read more


Emergency Electrician in Redland Bay

Businesses are more productive than ever. We expect that businesses to be open longer hours and all businesses rely upon a lot of technology to keep running.

All businesses have computer systems with sensitive data, printers, registers and security systems that all must be operating for them to be able to serve their customers.

A business needs to be able to have an electrician that they can call upon 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any workplace electrical emergencies . Do not lose valuable trading time due to not being able to get an electrical contractor on site to fix the problem.

Knowing that you have a trustworthy data cabler or local electrician on hand to help you can be the best insurance that you give your company. Don't take any chances in not using the best of the best, utilise the services of Brissy Electricians as your local commercial electrical contractor. 

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New Homes

Expert Electrical Contractors in Redland Bay

As new homes crop up across the city of Brisbane and in Redlands, there is the ever-growing need for electricians that can deliver top work with time management and competitive pricing to work in conjunction with local Redland Bay builders.

We have the knowledge and qualifications to be able to fully install the latest electrical requirements in a new home build. The team at Brissy Electricians are a licensed group with a wealth of industry understanding and competitive pricing programmes.

If you are in need of quality wiring, power point installation or require the intricate setup of a home automation system or switchboard, our professional team are exactly what you are looking for. ​Click here to read more

Air Conditioning Installs

Air Conditioning Installation in Redland Bay

Living in Redland Bay brings constant heat and this is the challenge of staying cool and comfortable inside your own home or office space. We provide the very best aircon systems with up to date technology and installation, around the needs and wants that you have. For quality air conditioning solutions, employ the services of trained professionals, with our knowledge and expertise of effective and efficient air conditioning installation in Brisbane and Redlands.  Click here to read more

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Air Conditioning Servicing

Air Conditioning Repairs in Redland Bay

Part of our constant need for air conditioning in Redland Bay is the need for keeping your unit serviced and maintained and checking for blown fuses from a visiting gecko. These lovely little reptiles play havoc with aircon units and are a major cause of why your air conditioner is not working.

We will gladly repair ( when possible) or replace any split systems or ducted air conditioning units that you have and we can dispose of the old system.

We will always tell you what will be more cost effective for you. Sometimes we can repair your aircon and other times you will need to replace or upgrade.

We can advise you when we have inspected the unit. We can offer great pricing solutions ,so that you can be certain that you’ll never have to miss a moment of cool and refreshing air. We are Brisbane air conditioning experts. ​Click here to read more

Security Systems

Home Security Systems in Redland Bay

Security System Installer It is sad to say - But now more than ever home security or security cameras are now being requested by many home owners.

We can offer different solutions for your home security or alarm monitoring in your home or workspace. We can install dedicated security systems.

Our security system services will help to keep your family safe at home.

From alarm systems to CCTV units to smoke alarms, there are a many number of ways that the work we do can make your home or business environment a more secure place. 

We are more than happy to discuss what home security systems will best suit your home and your lifestyle.

There are many options, from outdoor security cameras (CCTV cameras) to motion sensor lights, cameras and alarms. ​Click here to read more

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