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Brisbane Electrician For New Home Builds

If you oversee the building of new homes then you will want and expect the best electrical installation for your new builds. To stay in line with modern standards and benchmarks, you will need to ensure there are a number of things that are implemented safely and effectively. Full wiring will be needed, to supply lighting , heating, air conditioning and power, amongst anything else that you see necessary for your build.

You should be looking for a fully comprehensive team of electrical contractors, to fulfil the various needs that you have.‚Äč

Brissy Electricians are a multi-skilled team, with the capabilities of a master electrician and are therefore the best contractor you can employ for your full new home service.

Electrical Wiring

For any electrical system to be fully functional and reach every need across the building, there needs to be a full and functional wiring of the property. Our qualified electricians will be able to build a system that works for your needs. Depending on the budget that you have, we will be able to design preferential solutions from basic to full smart home systems.

Power Point Installation

To be able to make use of most household appliances, from your phone charger to your kettle to your vacuum cleaner, you need somewhere to be able to access power. This cannot be achieved without power points being present in the various suitable areas around the property. We ensure that they are placed in strategic places and at heights to suit the modern family. Power points cover most aspects of electronic use and the quality and safety cannot be sacrificed. We use products that are safe and certified as well as being kept up to date, so that we can provide our clients with the best available on the market, at the time.

Smoke Alarm Installation

Queensland has a real and serious problem with house fires, especially in the winter season. At Brissy Electricians, we wholeheartedly recommend that if you are commissioning any new build that you DO NOT make any sacrifices in the way of fire safety. The safety of our clients and those affected by our work is of great concern and so we offer quality and modern smoke alarms. We will gladly install these into any new home at a competitive price because we are conscious of the small part that we play towards fire safety. We ensure all regulations are met.

Lighting Systems

From basic general lighting right up to intricate and sophisticated lighting solutions, Brissy Electricians are here to ensure you get a good quality job done. We will be able to set up functional and favourable lighting systems using modern technology, meaning that your new build will be equipped with performance lighting that is cost-effective and reliable.

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Home Rewires, Ceiling Fan Installations And Safety Switches Can Be Done For All Residential Premises

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