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HVAC And Air Conditioning Installation

Also known as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and in Brisbane installing, repairing and servicing HVAC keeps us busy for most of the year!

Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and our winters, while not as cold as the southern states, do dip into the single digits.

Queenslanders really feel the cold and we are use to warm weather so heating is used in many homes and buildings in winter

In Brisbane, the majority of homes, workplaces, shopping centres and schools all have HVAC installed

Not only is it needed for temperature control, it is also necessary to cope with the humidity and the humidity related problems that arise when humidity levels rise and the chance of mold growing within the home.

When the humidity rises over 70% this is when mold starts to become a problem.The obvious ways to keep mold at bay is to have great ventilation and moving air throughout the building.

In bathrooms this is done by ensuring there is good ventilation with exhaust fans and an open window

Through the rest of a building this can be more difficult to manage. 

The right air conditioning system can really help by ensuring that the indoor air quality stays high and the humidity levels in the home are kept low.

Your air conditioners do need to be regularly maintained and not just left with a 'set and forget' mentality.

The filters need to be cleaned on a regular basis so your heating and cooling units can continue to do the job to the standards you want and need.

Which Aircon To Install? Split System or Ducted?

In Brisbane the HVAC systems that we install the most are the split system units that can be set up throughout a home, school or workplace with relative ease.

We can easily work out the area space and the unit capacity needed for each area that cooling and heating is needed.

Split systems are cheap to run and in summer for cooling and are very cost effective for heating in the cooler months as well

There are 2 types of split systems

Single split

One internally fitted unit on a internal wall with the condenser ( sometimes also called compressors) placed outside

They are used to to heat or cool one area and a unit is required for each room or you may need 2 units for larger spaces

Multi Split Air conditioning

These are now more and more popular as you can custom the exact heating and cooling needs through out the house

A condenser outside is used to heat and cool several areas and they are linked with refrigerant tubing to the internal air outlet in each area. Buildings can have different sized condensers for different areas so the usage is kept efficient for the sized area and requirements needed. For example a series of small bedrooms would need a smaller compressor than a large open living and kitchen area. So you can have 2 different sized compressors set up for each zone.

Ducted Cooling

Yes we can install, repair and service ducted air conditioning

These units offer superior cooling and heating for an entire building but they are a big undertaking to install in an already established home or building

They require a large fancoil unit to be installed centrally in the roof cavity and then the ducts run out from this into each room through the outlet. Ducted is a great choice of cooling to be installed in a new home build or during a renovation.

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Maintain, Repair And Service Your AC Units

Homes in Brisbane need good ventilation and by this we mean keeping great internal air quality with the correct heating and cooling for the building and any heating or cooling systems to be kept well maintained and filters cleaned on a regular basis

Keeping your HVAC system clean and maintained will give you the right air quality plus the temperature control you need

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