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Business capabilities have improved year on year, all due to the continuous advancements made in modern technology. Keeping the most up to date and comprehensive electrical systems installed, you could see your overall productivity and proficiency improve. For this reason, you should undoubtedly be looking for the very best electrical contractors available to you. At Brissy Electricians, we back our services to be the number one choice for commercial installations, in the Brisbane, Southside and Redlands area. 

Data Cabling

Data cabling has become some of the most important electrical work that you can provide your business with. This type of cabling provides the basis for telecommunications and networks, both internal and internet based, allowing a company to connect themselves quicker and more efficiently with business partners. Without the proper installation, a business will find it will hamper their success by not providing a secure or quick data speed. If you want to give your business a superior standard of data speed then we are your best choice. Our team of electricians are proficient for installing extensive cabling solutions around the needs of your business and location.


Keeping your company and workspace as up to date and modern as possible will mean that you will have the most functional, safest and most cost-effective space. Old wiring systems can be hazardous and could put you in a legal position if any damage was caused to your employees or property. In addition, old systems are much more likely to experience faults and defects which could significantly disrupt your operations, costing you equally significant amounts of money in refurbishment and lost revenue. It is imperative that your systems are kept up to date. Our rewiring service will see you through this, providing you with the very best quality of modern wiring and at a competitive price.

Lighting Systems

Whilst lighting systems may seem like something that we take for granted, these can actually be one of the most crucial parts of your business . If your business runs in the retail sector, for example, having a reliable and quality lighting system will attract more customers into your store and showcase your merchandise to the fullest. It is important that your lighting systems are installed safely and effectively. Replacing older style halogen lamps with LED lamps will provide your workplace with effective light without the radiating heat and energy consumption. Fluorescent lamps are no longer an ugly looking light fitting and they are often overlooked but they are often a perfect solution when you need light as close as possible to daylight - Hair salons are a perfect example of this. Fluorescent lighting will ensure that colours are true to colour. We will be able to provide lighting designs and installations for your business so that you know you have a light system that won’t let you down.

Security Systems

Having a security system installed on your commercial premises is important to the safeguarding of your interests. From alarm systems to CCTV units and B2B monitoring, we have a number of comprehensive security system choices that could greatly benefit any business. If you are looking to give your workspaces superior security solutions then look no further than us. By visiting our security system service page, you will be able to see the options that we can provide and select whichever will be most beneficial to your needs.

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