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The Right Lighting
Do you like the lighting in your home or workplace? It Is Frustration Not Having The Right Lighting For Your Needs . Lighting instantly creates a mood.Think about how different lighting makes you feel.Natural light or sunshine is naturally uplifting and is a mood enhancerDull light over time can lead people to experience low moods.And...
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Power Surges
Power Surges And Circuit Breakers- What Stops Them Do circuit breakers prevent a power surge damaging your appliances? As Brisbane electricians, This is a question we get asked a lot and the real answer is “No!” There is a lot confusion when it comes to understanding the difference between a circuit breaker and safety switch. Home owners...
ceiling fan installation
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans Why They Are Effective Ceiling fans are a quick and cost effective way to offer a cooling solution without the expense of installing or running an air conditioner. Ceiling fans by law must be installed by a qualified electrician The Brissy Electrician team is well versed with ceiling fans and we install them...
Avoid electrical fires
Electrical Fires – How To Avoid Them
Electrical fires are deadly. Within two minutes, a fire can be life-threatening.In five minutes, a home can go up in flames. To raise awareness of the danger of home fires and methods to prevent and prepare for them. - The team at Brissy Electricians has compiled a list of ways you can prevent an electrical fire...
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Ceiling Fan Installation
The right ceiling fan installation can make a big difference in the comfort and overall style of your home. Ceiling fans move air around and will help make your home more energy-efficient. The Truth About Ceiling Fans Fans do not cool down a room. Fans cool people by way of evaporation.They merely help you feel cool...
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Rewiring Or A Home Rewire
Replacing the wiring in an old house Replacing electrical wiring makes an old house safer, more modern and livable. However, rewiring doesn't cover only houses. All commercial buildings, factories and warehouses must be inspected regularly and rewired as needed. How you proceed will depend on your budget, access to the walls, roof cavity and crawl...
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When To Call A Brisbane Electrician
Call a Professional Electrician If You Encounter Any of These Issues In the modern world, electricity is an essential aspect of our daily lives. Electricity plays a pivotal role, from powering our homes to fueling our workplaces. However, with this reliance on electrical systems comes the responsibility of ensuring their safety and functionality. While some...
avoid power surges
Switchboard Overload: Understanding Electrical Safety
Prevent Switchboard Overloading As we go about our daily lives, we often take electricity for granted. We plug in our devices, turn on our lights, and go about our business without much thought about the potential dangers that come with using electricity. However, understanding electrical safety is crucial for everyone, as a switchboard overload can...
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