New Ceiling Fan Install

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a quick and cost effective way to offer a cooling solution without the expense of installing or running an air conditioner.Ceiling fans by law must be installed by a qualified electricianThe Brissy Electrician team is well versed with ceiling fans and we install them in all sorts of buildings so we hope this article might help when you are wanting a new fan installed and what kind of questions your local electrician should ask you.While a fan does not lower the actual temperature, it cools you down by creating an airflow over your skin that allows evaporation to happen which cools the skinIn tropical or humid weather ceiling fans are even more effective as humidity makes it more difficult for any sweat on your skin to evaporate and a fan allows this process to work very effectively.In dryer heat fans are not as cooling effective as they are in humid heat.In cooler weather ceiling fans can be used to help disperse warm air if it has a reverse function that creates an updraft. Hot air from your heating rises and a ceiling fan reversed will push that warm air down and help with your energy bills and of course we can show you how easy it is to do this when we install a new fan.

Power Surges, What Stops Them?

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Do circuit breakers prevent a power surge damaging your appliances?As Brisbane electricians, This is a question we get asked a lot and the real answer is “No!”There is a lot confusion when it comes to understanding the difference between a circuit breaker and safety switch. Home owners think that either of these will look after a power surge or stop an electrocution if there is a fault.But there is a big difference in what these two items do and neither of them actually protects your appliances or precious computer if there is a power surge

Now we all know that a power surge can cause a lot of damage to your electrical appliances and they can happen at any time.Brisbane residents would more than likely think that thunderstorms and lightening would be the causes when a power surge would happen. Yes they can happen during an electrical storm.When lightning strikes anywhere near power lines, the bolt of lightning can add several millions of volts into the power grid.