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Air Conditioning Service Brisbane

When you have had an air conditioning unit installed in your home or business space, it is easy to forget what life was like when you didn’t have cool air surrounding you. The hot summer months would unbearable if we suddenly didn’t have access to our AC. This can become reality if our air conditioning is left without being serviced. A routine home air conditioning service is all part of maintaining a healthy and happy space. 

Air Conditioner Leakage

We commonly find that air conditioning systems will start to leak if not serviced for an extended period of time. There is a number of reasons that your AC unit could be leaking; it could be due to a dirty air filter, a blockage somewhere in the piping or simply improper installation. Whatever the cause, our professional technicians will be able to identify it with a quick visual inspection. We will then take the necessary action to service the unit so it no longer shows signs of leakage. You can guarantee that we will work efficiently and effectively.

Poor Airflow

If the airflow that your unit is outputting is less powerful than it once was, there could be a problem with the machine. This could be due to a small change in the controls or could potentially be something more problematic, relating to the fan or the motor. Whatever the problem, our electricians will be able to locate it through a visual evaluation and will then choose the most appropriate service. With a number of professional tools and pieces of equipment available to us, no airflow issue will be a problem for long.

Foul Odours

Air conditioning units use and produce water and condensation. As this is left alone over an extended period of time, it may become affected by the room temperature, and bacteria and fungi can sometimes begin prevalent. If you smell a foul odour coming from your AC, it could be because mould has had the opportunity to build up. You should seek to have this fixed immediately as not only will bad odours prevail, but so too will unhealthy spores that could be a potential cause of illness. Using the professional cleaning agents that we have, we will restore your AC until the problem is rectified with no chance of returning.

Energy Saving

Over time, your air conditioning unit will no doubt pick up a certain amount of dust and grime. This can be a hindrance to the overall performance of the machine, having to work harder against the impurities to output the same amount of force. This means that energy use will be higher and with that too, your energy bill. Having your AC regularly serviced for this will mean that your unit will always be running to optimum levels and thus saving you the maximum amount of money spent.

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