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Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane

The warm weather, that we see for the majority of the year in Brisbane, means that having an air conditioner installed on your residential or commercial property is a viable and worthwhile addition to make. For any air conditioner to be functional and reliable at the times when you most need it, it is important that it is initially installed well. Brissy Electricians are your number one choice for aircon installation, combining the necessary knowledge from effective AC solutions and the comprehensive understand of everything electronic.

Residential Aircon

For residential properties, it is important that you are able to feel comfortable at home. In the hot summer months, an air conditioner can ensure that you are able to be so. Our air conditioning installation service can allow you to start seeing the benefits in your home. With a number of different options, we will help you to identify the best one for you, installing it so that it is functional and suitable in your home.

Commercial Aircon

Air conditioning units have a number of applications across various commercial sectors including hotels, schools, hospitals and shopping centres. Air Conditioning is vital to make these locations more appealing and inviting to ensure that people want to stay in the cool and comfortable environment. Office workplaces will see an increase in employee happiness and productivity if the workspace is climate controlled and the temperature is easy to set and have the cooler air distributed evenly throughout the building. No one enjoys having to work in an icy cold spot or the extreme of having an office that is constantly warm and stuffy.

Whatever your commercial need, we are the best contractors that you could employ. We can provide air conditioning solutions that will positively impact your business. We work with certified products that are kept up to date, in line with industry standards. You can guarantee that you will be getting quality, modern AC units at a competitive price.

Wall Mounted or Split System AC Units

We have a number of different stylistic and functionality choices for your air conditioning solutions. Depending on your budget and requests, we will be able to choose your best option. Our wall mounted AC units are popular choices and very cost effective with cooling in summer and heating in winter. They are effective in whatever industry, particularly common with residential and office spaces. We can install units on most walls so that they are high enough off the ground so to not cause disruption to the space and cool or heat the areas of your home that need it.

Ducted AC Units

Ducted units are another type of air conditioning solution. These systems are more commonly installed where aesthetics are of greater concern. Luxury hospitality companies and many new builds opt for this type of cooling system. They can be seen as beneficial in the way of both functionality and appearance. Ducted units are built into a ceiling or loft space, so that their bulk is not visible. This does require some preplanning however our expert team are well experienced in how to effectively implement them. If you see this as your best option then you should employ the services of the most professional team available to you.

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